SAG Awards 2012

I just can not say it enough; I LOVE AWARD SEASON!


Simple Smoky Eye via Refinery29

I don’t know about you, but the elusive “Smokey Eye” is something I am always trying to exact, update, and ultimately master like a MAC counter pro. Though I am quite pleased with how my rudimentary skills have progressed, as early attempts left me looking like I was in a bar fight. I, nevertheless, still clock in about 15 or so min achieving the perfectly blended charcoal lids. Soooo not ideal, especially when you’re racing to make it to happy hour before 7:00. This godsend of a video has completely transformed how I approach a quick smoke. There are two steps… yes, that’s correct TWO steps, and it only takes mere minutes to complete. I tried it last night and I couldn’t be more pleased! Here you go, courtesy of Refinery29

Click the pic to watch the video!

I suggest using my favorite beauty goods to acheive your look:

1. Gareth Pugh for MAC Technakohl eyeliner $19, in Graphblack.

This liner smudges oh so easily into a perfectly effortless smoky eye, every girl needs this in their make up kit. I only wish they carried it in more colors like pastel purple or green, to use as a day-time eye enhancer.

2. NARS Night Series Eyeshadow $23, in Night Clubbing.

First of all I am completely obsessed with the entire ‘Night series’ line from NARS, from glittery nail polishes to pigmented shadows I love and want everything in this iconic collection, and this shadow is no exception. The key is in this shade’s versatility, as with most NARS shadows, you can completely change the look you achieve by using more or less concentrated shadow on your brush. Easily enabling many shadows to smoothly transition from your day time “go-to”, to your night time stand out.

3. DIOR Diorshow Iconic Mascara $28, in Noir.

I typically do not like spending over $25 for mascara, but this stuff is the real deal. It’s not my daily wear mascara (usually I wear benefit) but this is my night-time va va va voom lash staple. Curl your lashes then slick on 2 coats of this black as night mascara and you are good to go with a gaze that will break hearts (and hopefully will get you a few free drinks too).

Enjoy your night out you sexy smoke-eyed vixen!

Springing in the New Year

I am the quintessential sale shopper/ bargain fiend. My voracious appetite for saving those dolla dolla billz y’all (too much rap on the elliptical today) can be down right exhausting, BUT it almost always pays off. I tirelessly hunt down deals online comparing website to website, explore every possible outlet to save; read: relentlessly invite all of my friends to “use my link” on the off chance I’ll get a referral credit (I actually have earned almost $200 on gilt for referrals) or spend 20+ minutes disovering coupon codes for free shipping, and as a result I rarely pay retail for anything. If I do have the misfortune of paying retail, [#handbagaddiction] I will at least scour the internet to make sure I am purchasing at the best possible price. Same thing goes for trends, if I’m going to pay for something that is less of a wardrobe staple; I want to make sure it’s the best bang for my proverbial buck. Here are the fruits of my labor to hi-light some of my absolute fave trends this #Spring on a real girl budget.

  1. 2 words, you know it so well by now: COLOR-BLOCKING (and neon yellow to boot!
  2.  PASTELS! This color trend has not been this widely embraced since the mid-eighties! Welcome back my fun and feminine friends- no longer just for Easter!
  3. SSSSSSNAKE & NEUTRALS! Animal prints have made a huge comeback over the last few years, and although it’s the year of the dragon, I also predict this to be the spring of the snake.
  4. My favorite trend that I guess combos with #2, CANDY COLORED PANTS! From lilac to coral to mint and even silver these babies will be gracing my gams all year long.
Frugal Fashion

Top Row: Mason Color-block Dress , Acne Mint Sweater , Mulberry Snake Alexa , Gucci Lilac Trousers

Bottom Row: Oasis Color-block shirt dress, Asos Pastel Sweater, Snake print leather tote, Meltin Pot purple denim

Bling for Spring a la BaubleBar

In honor of Bauble Bar‘s first “Birthday” (yesterday), I decided to load up the e-cart, and splurge on some great jewelry for spring [note: I often tend to fill up an e-shopping cart, and upon “checkout”, I  painstakingly *try* to edit it down to a bold piece and a mainstay.. if I’m good…IF ]. This time I was good.

Though it’s not quite here yet, spring is my absolute favorite time to go overboard in pastel and really indulge in the art deco-esque colors, 50’s structure and silhouettes, and feminine nuances -esp in the details, illustrated by that era. These adorable and *wallet friendly* spring picks are what I’m loving from Bauble Bar.

SUNDANCE’s with wolves

It’s that time again! The Sundance Film Festival is underway in the winter wonderland of Park City, Utah. I once lived in that barren ice world, affectionately named “PC”, and while I do miss the breathtaking mountain views, unparalleled skiing, and copious opportunities to layer, it’s unrelenting Siberian weather will keep me from ever taking residence there again (ski vacays are strongly encouraged however). Though I wont be going this year, here are a few of my Must-Have pieces to keep YOU warm and chic during this frigid star-studded film fest.SUNDANCE's With Wolves...

From Left to Right: Moschino Knit Scarf ; Calypso Fur Trapper ; Sambag Peach Sunnies ; Tory Burch Fur Boot (similar here) ; JBrand Jeans ; Shearling Earmuffs ; Tory Burch Boot (similar here) ; True Grit Vest (first time buyers get 20% off! Code:WISH) ; Arrowhead Scarf ; Aesop Fabulous Face Oil (Utah-Winter NECESSITY) ; Pendleton Weekend Bag ; Feather Bangle ; Funnel Neck Coat (similar here) ; Aztec Toggle Sweater ; Plush Fleece Tights ; Wildfox Sweater ; Rag & Bone Gloves ; DVF Shearling Boots ; Alexander McQueen Aviators ; Sarah Aghili Sundance Earrings ; Marc by Marc Jacobs Beanie .