Chain Gang- Jewelry with attitude

Chain link is no longer just for bad boys! This tough looking jewelry trend is so hot right now, it might as well be stolen Benz. You can see this look on everyone from Rihanna to Blake Lively and even Cam Diaz, as they are all a little cray cray for chunky chain accessories. Score this trend on the cheap with these 10 amazing steals.1. Kate Spade
2. Michael Kors (in Silver)
3.Marc by Marc Jacobs
4. H&M
5. Gathering Eye  [How amazing is this chain collar? And $40? LOVE!]
6. Aqua by Bloomingdales
8. Erickson Beamon
9. Vince Camuto
10. French Connection

Oh and my Favorite new piece that is super affordable. The Christina M. Large Gold Convertible Necklace. Outfit Post to come soon. Buy this versatile necklace and other great accessories here: Christina M. Boutique

Have a Fabulous Friday Lovies!!!

Xoxoxo, S


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