Keepin’ It Corporate – Court Room Edition

So I don’t know about you… but I find that the phrase “Fashion in the workplace” is almost an Oxymoron. Unless you’re working at the Vogue or Elle offices (Super jealy if you are!), you’re probably more used to seeing muted colors, over-sized suits (complete with mid length skirts and shoulder padded poly blend jackets), and “sensible shoes”– that term alone makes me shudder in disgust.

Fortunately, I have decided to answer your office get-up woes with a new installment called, Keepin’ It Corporate. My first focus is on Court Room Dressing, as requested by my newly esquired friend, Katherine. This style savvy lawyer finds it hard to be well-dressed and still taken seriously in the court room. Certainly no easy feat, but I think even the toughest judges would appreciate a little color and some polka dot prints, to liven up their chambers.

Blouse: Sheinside [$31] . Briefcase: Mulberry [$1,350]. Shoes: Ivanka Trump [$135] . Pants: Rachel Zoe [$298] (Cheaper here, here, and here) . Ring: Kate Spade [$78]Β . Necklace: Juicy Couture [$148]Β . Blazer: Sheinside [$33] .


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