Happy Shoesday Everyone!

So this is what summer shoe heaven looks like to me. Bright colors, a PVC T-strap, a nice chunky heel, and a little Ombré to boot. Oh the things I would do to … with this amazing sandal. Do your feet a favor and pick up this quintessential piece of shoe perfection here or here.

On a side note, I am horribly sick and trying to recover from my Amaaaazing weekend in NY. More will come later this week. But for now lots of Tea, Rest, and answering work e-mails.
Xoxoxox, S


Manoush: Maestro’s of detail and Marais MUST.

Clockwise: Tiger Dress . Floral Shift . Strapless Eyelet . Aqua Caplet . Parrot Frock .

I am such a huge fan of Manoush! When I lived in Paris, and would stay at Jean-Pierre’s flat in the Marais, I would walk along the famed Rue de Vielle du Temps gaping at all of the fabulous fashion the street had to offer. Manoush, without fail, would stop me dead in my tracks as their windows always sported the most beautifully appointed and meticulously detailed garments full of whimsy and femininity. I am such a sucker for a lil frill and all of these dresses certainly fit the bill, though they are not the most wallet friendly. Personally, I believe their scrupulously hand-crafted clothes are works of art in themselves, so I think that justifies buying at least one… which I did (the Tiger one at the top left) and I cannot wait until it arrives!

Things that make my feet smile

Since it’s such a beautiful Tuesday here in sunny South Florida, my mind got to wandering, and landed on summer footwear. So I booked it over to my absolute FAVORITE store, The WebsterI found these beauties there, along with a thousand other gorgeous items I would give up iPhone privileges for a month for… and I may need to dip in to my retirement fund because I MUST OWN immediately!
(obviously I need to strike oil very soon).

Sergio Rossi canvas slingback, Sergio Rossi polkadot pump, Pierre Hardy color wedge

Floral Finds Under $100

It’s no secret that floral prints are paramount this season, and I just had to get in on the action. Last week I went over to one of my regulars, Zara, and struck gold in the form of… wait for it… FLORAL BLAZER! This floral-tastic wonder is so cute and chic, it sort of looks like a Monet painting but with great bright colors, amazing! I have already worn it twice and couldn’t be happier. Here’s a pic via Zara.com.

Ahhh isn’t it great??  And only $79!!! LOVE!

Here are some other fabulous floral blazers all under $100

Top Row: Zara $90, Sparkle and Fade $79Pim and Larkin $79
Bottom Row: Alloy $33ASOS $93, Forever21 $19
Oh.. I may have also bought these pants from Zara too… oops?
Floral Overload.. and loving it!
Xoxo, S