Stop SPENDonitis!!! Get the look for Less!

First of all, I must appologize for my lack of posting lately. I have been doing a lot of work (new position in my company) and traveling and I just haven’t the time to even check my e-mails nonetheless blog. But all of this hardwork has not been in vain! I have been prepping for the upcoming Brickell Fashion Week at the end of next month of which I am both reporting on and modeling for (excited!!) and I have a bunch of designer meeting and interviews which has kept me super busy– but I will have lots of new designers to introduce you to very soon before they hit the market. Big things!

All of this work and travel has somehow led to an even lighter wallet than usual… which means I cannot be buying the high-end lux goods that I am drawn too. Thankfully, I found some near identical looks for less, to help my bank account get through this hectic time.

Top Row: DanniJo Necklace . Valentino Tote . Current/Elliot Jeans . Pierre Hardy .
Bottom Row: Evil Eye Necklace . Zara Tote . Leopard Skinnies . Colorblock Wedge .

SPENDonitis: The presence of extreme guilt after the act of over-spending on clothing, accessories, or beauty products when you could have gotten the goods (or near identical goods) for far less.
Ex: I can barely click “add to cart” at since my SPENDonitis is acting up so bad from yesterday’s splurging.


Chain Gang- Jewelry with attitude

Chain link is no longer just for bad boys! This tough looking jewelry trend is so hot right now, it might as well be stolen Benz. You can see this look on everyone from Rihanna to Blake Lively and even Cam Diaz, as they are all a little cray cray for chunky chain accessories. Score this trend on the cheap with these 10 amazing steals.1. Kate Spade
2. Michael Kors (in Silver)
3.Marc by Marc Jacobs
4. H&M
5. Gathering Eye  [How amazing is this chain collar? And $40? LOVE!]
6. Aqua by Bloomingdales
8. Erickson Beamon
9. Vince Camuto
10. French Connection

Oh and my Favorite new piece that is super affordable. The Christina M. Large Gold Convertible Necklace. Outfit Post to come soon. Buy this versatile necklace and other great accessories here: Christina M. Boutique

Have a Fabulous Friday Lovies!!!

Xoxoxo, S

Etsy Accessory Obsessive.

Ladies and Gents, I am an Etsy-holic. I peruse the site day and night, looking for vintage home goods, contemporary photos, boho-chic bags, and unique baubles-sure to catch the eye. I spend farrr too much time and money shopping on Etsy, but I truly believe it is for a good cause as I am supporting both the art community, as well as the small business owners of America (enough justification? Great.) Anyway, my OCD-like tendency to check the site 5 times a day for updates has had an upside: These fabulous accessories! There are so many amazing and interesting shops and goods on Etsy I definitely do not have time to detail them all, but here are some items that I am LOVING this season! [Just click the pic to go to the shop]