Style File: Miranda Kerr

I am such a fan of Miranda Kerr. I have had the amazing opportunity to meet her a few times in Miami and NY, and this girl is really a PERFECT 10. She is so lovely and humble, easy to talk to – no joke she offered me some of her food one time at the Mondrian in Miami, so stunningly beautiful, and she also happens to be one of my favorite style icons out there. She has such a spectrum of looks from bikini clad beach style, to red carpet elegance, and her everyday casual wardrobe always emminates such grace and seems so polished- even in jeans and a white tee. And she’s a baby mama– this woman can really do it all!!!! So Miranda, if you are reading this.. Hi, I love you, let’s go shopping together.. sound good? Great.

Top: Nordstroms [$69] . Pants: Banana Republic [$90] . Sunnies: Ray-Ban [$145] . Bag: Zara [$149] . Watch: Nixon [$125] . Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg [$217]


Rainy Day Kicks and almost summer.

Okay people, so mentally I have been on Summer vacation. My brain zone has been all palm trees, waves, sand, and maragritas. HOWEVER, the rain has not stopped for one day in “sunny” South Florida, and I am at a loss here. I mean, I try to fight off the gloomy feeling weather by embracing sheer leopard prints and a swipe of red lipstick, but there is only so much a girl (and her frizz-prone hair) can take! So dearest rain gods, please let up for just a little so I can enjoy just a few hours of my weekend? Pretty Please! Thanks, your new BFF — Shay

Beyond having cabin fever, this pseudo monsoon season we have been experiencing has really tested my shoe patience, as well. I sadly lost my adorable Marc Jacobs rain boots to my boyfriend’s over-zealous shoe-chewing pup a few months back. I had not been able to bring myself to replace them, until I spent my 8th straight rainy day walking to starbucks in open toed heels. I have since decided that enough is enough and I am ready to get back on the rubber boot train. But what to choose? Spy some killer options below.

sad “it’s cloudy out and about to rain” face

Top: old Michael Kors (similar), Leggings: LNA (similar), Bag: Tory Burch, Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana (on sale at Neiman’s now), Umbrella: Target

If only I could be as Euro-chic as my fave blogger The Blonde Salad on these rainy lazy days…

Clockwise: (Macy’s) Bootsi Tootsi [$46] . Vivienne Westwood [$295] . Dolce & Gabbana [$236] . (Macy’s) Bootsi Tootsi [$46] . Urban Outfitters [$49] . Sperry Topsider [$59 — Extra 40% off at checkout] . Anthropologie [$128] . Elliot Luca [$76] . ModCloth [$59] .

Stop SPENDonitis!!! Get the look for Less!

First of all, I must appologize for my lack of posting lately. I have been doing a lot of work (new position in my company) and traveling and I just haven’t the time to even check my e-mails nonetheless blog. But all of this hardwork has not been in vain! I have been prepping for the upcoming Brickell Fashion Week at the end of next month of which I am both reporting on and modeling for (excited!!) and I have a bunch of designer meeting and interviews which has kept me super busy– but I will have lots of new designers to introduce you to very soon before they hit the market. Big things!

All of this work and travel has somehow led to an even lighter wallet than usual… which means I cannot be buying the high-end lux goods that I am drawn too. Thankfully, I found some near identical looks for less, to help my bank account get through this hectic time.

Top Row: DanniJo Necklace . Valentino Tote . Current/Elliot Jeans . Pierre Hardy .
Bottom Row: Evil Eye Necklace . Zara Tote . Leopard Skinnies . Colorblock Wedge .

SPENDonitis: The presence of extreme guilt after the act of over-spending on clothing, accessories, or beauty products when you could have gotten the goods (or near identical goods) for far less.
Ex: I can barely click “add to cart” at since my SPENDonitis is acting up so bad from yesterday’s splurging.

#IfIWereABillionaire: Spring Break Prints

Last weekend we decided to go grab lunch at the beach, bad decision. The parking (and over all driving- I live a mile away) was atrocious, the sidewalks were littered with promoters and shot girls, hundreds of scantily clad, intoxicated, underclassmen dominated the beach, and it hit me like a beer bong to the head… uh oh South Florida… SPRING BREAK IS HERE. Seeing all of the, ahem, “interesting” fashions parading around the beach made me want to severely shake (and then promptly cover) many of the over exposed ladies out there. Leaving the beach in a state of nostalgia, I was inspired to contemplate my pseudo-spring-break wardrobe, and all I could see were prints.. Prints… PRINTS! Take note South Beach Spring Breakers, these babies are super affordable and super essential to keep it chic on the beach.


1. Forever 21 Hat $13
2. Forever 21 Towel $10

3. Collective Concepts Tank $64
4. 2b Bangle $15
5. Jeffrey Campbell Wedges $125
6. Zara Bikini Top $20
7. Zara Bikini Bottom $20
8. ASOS Sandals $81
9. Linea Pelle Wrap Bracelets $75
10. Flying Tomato Maxi Dress $46
11. Urbanog Tribal Skirt $21
12.Topshop Shorts $45
13.With Love From CA Sunnies $15
14. Bryna Print Clutch $129
15. ncLA Ikat Nails $16
16. Old Navy Bikini Top $20
17. Old Navy Bikini Bottom $20

Spring break SAFELY everyone!



Guess what Lovies… EVERYTHING on this week’s Wishlist is UNDER $200!! Pretty fab right? Enjoy!
The Goods:
1. RJ Graziano Necklace– $77
This necklace immediately caught my eye, I love the colors and bib-like structure of the adornment, and while it looks super expensive it is actually very affordable. Definitely a must have for dressier spring affairs… but this piece also works with a white T, jeans, and a big smile (well, wouldn’t this necklace make YOU smile?).
2. Blue Life Skirt – $108
Maxi Skirts are all I want to wear this spring… as soon as we get a favorablely sunny day I whip off my jeans and go for a light airy maxi skirt– throw on some ankle length cowboy boots or some gladiator sandals and I am a happy girl. Plus, don’t you just LOVE this color?!?
3. Romwe Blazer – $75
I am a sucker for anything pink.. especially bright pink.. oh and there’s a polka dot lining? GET IN MY CLOSET! I love blazers, they make any outfit seem a little more polished, and this bright hue will add a punchy sophistication to your look. Can’t you see the color blocking opportunities? Buy Now!
4. Lauren Elan Bracelet$55
Attention gentlemen: If you failed this past Valentine’s Day (crappy flowers, no dinner reservations, “lost gift”) whatever the reason may be for your less than stellar holiday, this bracelet is the answer! Give any girl this beautiful yet simple heart bracelet and they will be putty in your hands, no matter how badly you screwed up V-day, this timeless cuff will be your salvation. Girls: It’s a great ‘love me, from me’ gift too, so treat yourself!
5. Enzo Angiolini – $120
How amazing are these heels?!?! I Love their use of pastels to brighten up the predominately nude shoe, and the flirty little peep toe, give this pump some extra pop.  I can think of no less than a million possibilities for this shoe, it will definitely be something you can wear all spring and summer, and it goes with everything! It also comes in a cute little neon number if pastels aren’t your thing.
6. Karen Walker Sunglasses$180
I am a huge fan of Karen Walker (did anyone catch her Fall ’12 runway show? it was awe-inspiring), and these ‘Perfect Day’ sunglasses have been in my sights for quite a while. Their over sized shape and unexpected pop of orange, is exactly what I need to get through this already hectic year.
7. Kate Spade Hat – $75
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that hats are all the rage this year. From fedoras to panama hats to cloches, we’re seeing all forms of lids right now and I am totally feelin it! This color blocked number is so chic and sophisticated, it definitely makes a statement. I love how it can easily transition an outfit from drab to fab with zero fuss.
8. Missoni Scarf – $137
I am a Missoni fanatic! If I had my druthers, I would decorate my entire house in Missoni Home, my closet would be an endless array of the fashion house’s zigzags, colorful knits, and covetable prints, and I would be writing this post from here (oh and did I mention that my kitten’s name is Missoni? Yeah slight infatuation).  I seriously can not get enough Missoni in my life, and this scarf is no exception. I just love the knitted pattern, and I am all over those gorgeous pastel purple hues, this accessory if definitely something you wear for years to come.
9. DanniJo iPhone Case – $98
Okay, so at just under $100 this case may not be the most practical choice for gussying up your cell, but hey this is a WISH list, and I wish that this case would get on my phone right now. I am really into eclectic prints and just love the bold pattern and colors of this case. If you’re familiar with the incredibly talented sisters of Dannijo, then you’ll notice this case looks exactly like some of their lust-worthy colorful bib necklaces, and unique crystal bracelets. Love Dannijo? Then this iphone accessory is a must.
Happy Shopping!

xoxo, S

[Note: Do not hold this blog responsible for extreme spending episodes. We all have them, it’s okay.]